LWQ Summer 2009

Courageous, Dangerous … Christian!

null“Here I come to save the day!” Mighty Mouse

I was four years old. The Mouse — Mighty, not Mickey — was my childhood cartoon hero.

One afternoon, the typically-crowded city playground seemed to empty out in a flash. “Lucky me, I finally have the swings all to myself!” thought I, when an older girl came running over and begged me to get off the swings and go to the park's street entrance where Lenny, my favorite playmate, was talking to a stranger by a car. Although many children had rallied around Lenny to warn him — without success — she thought he might listen to me.

I dashed over to Lenny, scolding him about breaking the rule about strangers/candy/cars; but as I hollered, the stranger sneered back at me, “Keep quiet.” Undaunted, I yelled louder about the rule. “Get out of here,” the man told me. As Lenny began to waver, the man snarled, “Scram, little girl!”

Clearly, the force of my words alone would not be enough to stop Lenny or thwart the evil intent of the man.

So “scram” I did — making a Mighty Mouse beeline back into the park, screaming at the top of my lungs to Lenny’s mother about the bad man, the car, and Lenny’s danger. She dashed to the entrance to rescue her son, pulling him to safety just as he was about to step into the car’s back seat to get the candy.

The Evil One stands ready to tempt us, discourage us, and weaken our resolve. But through perilous times, we can run to the waiting arms of our heavenly Father, assured of His promise to be with us in all circumstances.

And, the real life Hero? The Word made flesh! “Here He comes to save the day” … to save you, to save me … the Risen and Victorious One, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Nancy Graf Peters


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