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Summer 2019 "Letting Go"

2018 Fall Quarterly CoverEditor's Note

Our theme, “Letting Go,” reminds us that we soon bid a warm farewell to our LWML President, Patti Ross, who has worked alongside the Quarterly staff, collaborating on recent issues such as LWML women in the military, young women in mission, and the topic of this issue — a special request by President Patti — the growing epidemic of suicide. 

The tenth leading cause of death in the United States and the second leading cause of death among young people ages 15–24, suicide claims the lives of more than 44,000 Americans each year*. It is a subject few find easy to address. 

This Quarterly features personal accounts about the aftermath of suicide: young women (including Kati, from the cover of our Spring 2019 LWQ) who bravely tell their stories of attempted suicide and recovery; a mother who shares what it is like to cope with the suicide of her former husband; a woman who stands by her healing friend; and pastors and a military chaplain who share their perspectives through the light and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Please consider sharing this Quarterly with a friend, and point them (or yourself) to the resources placed within the magazine and below.
In His hope and peace, 

Nancy Graf Peters, Editor-in-Chief

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   0   Editor's Note/Table of Contents/ Suicide Prevention Resource List
   1   Praying the Psalms: Psalm 88
   2   Depression and Suicide in the Military
   3   One is too many
   4   I Can Tell You This
 12   Standing Alongside My Friend as She Heals
 13   For Young Women
 14   Grants@Work: Mercy Meals Providing Food and the Gospel to Starving Children or read it online here
 15   2019–2021 Mission Grant Proposals
 24   Death with Dignity
 25   Lutheran Women in Action
 28   Shop LWML
 29   President's Page: Letting Go

Bible Studies

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16    God's Time
        God's Time — Leader Guide
18    We Will Serve the Lord!
        We Will Serve the Lord! — Leader Guide
20    ¡Serviremos al Señor!
22    Celebrating Life as the Handiwork of God

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