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Winter 2010   21st Century Family


As a teen, I was a voracious reader — not of books but magazines. Ironically, I never knew the very magazine you hold in your hand existed until I visited a neighboring church for twice-monthly youth group meetings.

Although my childhood church had two active LWML groups (daytime and evening), and we celebrated LWML Sunday each year, copies of the Quarterly were invisible to the rest of the congregation. My best guess is that only “members” of the LWML societies were permitted to read the magazine; it went from their LWML meeting into someone’s purse and then was hidden away at home.

It took a visit to another LCMS congregation for me to discover copies of the Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly on a sharing rack. “Wow, a magazine for Lutheran women! When did that happen?” I grabbed a copy and started reading it during breaks in my youth group meeting until, after encouragement from the church’s secretary, I took copies home with me instead of replacing them on the racks.

Years passed. My high school youth group morphed into a college/career young adults group, and I continued to devour those “giveaway” copies of the LWQ, watching the photos of the LWML Presidents change over the years … until I married and moved away to a new life in a new place with another congregation — but one without an LWML.

Easy fix: start talking with other women, pull together a steering committee, get an LWML group going, and … order copies of the Quarterly. “Ah, finally I’ll have my own official copy!”

And at last, the Quarterlies arrived in the mail.

Magazine now in hand! Can you guess what page I jumped to read?

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Nancy Graf Peters


  2 Running the Good Race: The Monique Nunes Story PDF
  7 Lessons from Mount Carmel PDF
10 Caregiver to Caregiver: A Heart-to-Heart Conversation PDF
12 The Family That Serves Together PDF
13 Most of All, Jesus Loves Me PDF
29 Remembering LWML President Helen Morris PDF

In Every Issue

  1 President's Page PDF
  8 Faith Talk Tips PDF
  9 LWML Mission Grants PDF
  9 Grants @ Work PDF
14 Young Women's Page PDF
15 Teens Page PDF
16 Lets Pray ... PDF
16 Grandma's Blog PDF
23 LWML Product Depot PDF
24 Lutheran Women in Action PDF
28 Exclusively for You on the Web PDF
28 Gifts of Love PDF

Bible Studies

17 Simply Jesus PDF
18 The God of Details PDF
18 The God of Details - Leader Notes PDF
19 Living "The Chocolate Life" PDF

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