Two Minute Tuesday

Of all the gardening adventures we have embarked upon over the years, my favorite is grapes. The vines grow quickly and produce heavily IF the branches are lovingly and thoughtfully pruned by the vine keeper. In John 15, Jesus draws an analogy between the Father, Himself, and us and the vine keeper, the main vine, and the branches. The Father prunes the branches (us) to make us more productive.

Perhaps we can also compare our LWML groups to branches. Loving and thoughtful pruning can make us more productive missionaries. Take a look at your society. Are there aspects of your current practices that could use pruning because they are weighing you down and preventing new growth or greater mission productivity? Pruning requires remaining true to the strength of the vine and care for the branches (our members) but the rewards are a more vibrant mission opportunity.  That is our purpose!

Eloise Kuhlmann
LWML Vice President of Servant Resources 2007–2011

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