Two Minute Tuesday

Share with someone your love of the LWML today! You may simply respond like this:

Lutheran women all over the world gather offerings (mites) in their Mite Boxes. As they give their mites, they pray for those missionaries who will share Jesus’ love with those who may not know Him. They pray for those who will be fed, physically and spiritually, with the help of these gifts. As women gather together for Bible study or mission service, they combine their mite offerings with others and the offerings grow. The mites continue to multiply as each group sends their offering to support district grants. Their districts then send a portion to national, and mission grants are prayed and paid for! And the Word of the Lord is shared.

Anyone can be a part of this exciting adventure! Share your favorite mission grant story (current mission grant resources found at with someone new and ask them if they’d like to participate. The big picture of mission grants becomes personal, and allows us to be individually involved in missions. 

You are a missionary. With the Holy Spirit, you are able to share this with someone today. The Time is NOW!

Debbie Larson
LWML Public Relations Director

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