Dear Lucy Leader … Implementing a New Event

Dear Lucy Leader,

I have an idea for a new LWML event.  Whose permission do I need to proceed?

Thank you,
Pam Planner

Dear Pam Planner,

It is wonderful that God has given you a new idea and that you are willing to work to make something new happen.

Always begin in prayer. Then share your idea with your local group president. Together, check with your pastor and ask for his prayer.  Encourage him to join you in your new endeavor as you share your heart for Christ in spreading the Good News with others around the world. Let your pastor know that you praise God for him and his dedication in proclaiming His love with those around him.

LWML has primary focus statements that are well written and carefully thought out. These statements will support you as you step out in faith.  

The primary focus statements for LWML in 2019-2021 are:

Nurturing Faith in Christ. By God’s grace, we offer each woman opportunities to be in the Word and to use her unique gifts in God’s service.

Making Our Faith Meaningful. We equip each woman to make a significant difference in the lives of all people.

Sharing Encouragement. We value each other in Christ and we accept and encourage each woman to grow in her relationship with others.

You can find these statements at

May God bless you as you serve Him! May He use your event to further His kingdom!

Lucy Leader

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God's Blessings,
Lois Teinert, Chairman
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