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Tips for Leading with Confidence Date
Using God’s Gift of Time May 23, 2019
Making Small Changes May 9, 2019
Tips for the Nomination Process April 25, 2019
Look for Future Leaders April 11, 2019
When You Want to Call It Quits March 14, 2019
Spelling and Capitalization of Internet Terms February 28, 2019
Volunteer Recognition February 14, 2019
Practice Self-Care January 24, 2019
Video Conferencing January 10, 2019
Giving a Presentation with Slides December 13, 2018
Effective Decision Making November 21, 2018
Stress and Worry in the Life of a Christian November 8, 2018
You Are Not Alone October 18, 2018
Writing a Report or News Article October 4, 2018
The Structure of a Good Agenda September 20, 2018
Telephone Voice Mail September 6, 2018
Email Correspondence August 23, 2018
Financial Accountability and Transparency August 9, 2018
A Clear Presence on Your Church’s Website July 26, 2018
Change Begins with Leaders July 12, 2018
Staying Energized as a Leader June 28, 2018
Ministry Information Sharing June 14, 2018
Call to Meeting May 24, 2018
Share Commonalities May 10, 2018
Beware of Unintentional Cliques April 26, 2018
Connecting Generations April 12, 2018
Spring Workshop Information March 22, 2018
Meetings with Meaning March 8, 2018
High Engagement of Members Feb 9, 2018
Intergenerational Mentoring Jan 25, 2018


Archives of Follow the Leader and The Team Leader Newsletters


  • Volume III, No. 4 — January 2009 "Living for the Next Generation; Time to Change?; Mentoring Wisdom"
  • Volume III, No. 3 — October 2008 "How’s Your Vision?; Help to Become Disciplined!; Reaching Out to “New to LWML” Women"
  • Volume III, No. 2 — June 2008 "Mentor? Just Call Me Your Friend; Yielding to the Spirit; Preparing for Public Speaking"
  • Volume III, No. 1 — February 2008 "Leading by Example; Planning a Zone Celebration or Event?"
  • Volume II,  No. 8 — October 2007 "The Leader’s Final Exam; The Gospel is Bearing Fruit; Leader Tips"
  • Volume II,  No. 7 — August 2007 "Fanning the Flame for Leadership; Guidance for LWML Leaders: Great leaders pay attention to both details and people!; Discovering Gifts in Unexpected Places"
  • Volume II,  No. 6 — April 2007 "Guidance for LWML Leaders: The best leader is the one who gets the job done; Diversity: Will it be a Problem or an Opportunity?; Personal Prayer Tips … To Be All You Can Be As A Leaguer"
  • Volume II,  No. 5 — January 2007 "Guidance for LWML Leaders: What do you do when you think something should change?; Commitment; Motivation is Contagious"
  • Volume II,  No. 4  — October 2006 "Guidance for LWML Leaders—Follow Through!; Communication; Gaining, Training, Maintaining LWML Members"
  • Volume II,  No. 3 — July 2006 "Guidance for LWML Leaders: Keep Your Cool When God Answers; Directives for Zone Leader Development Chairman or Vice President of Servant Resources; Biblical Leadership; FOLLOW THE LEADER"
  • Volume II,  No. 2 — April 2006 "Guidance for LWML Leaders: Seek advice from others; Energize Membership"
  • Volume II,  No. 1 — January 2006 "Guidance for the LWML leaders: How do you begin as a leader in the LWML?; Ten Commandments for Leaders"


"Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me." Psalm 31:3


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