Leader Development Newsletter


2015–2017 Biennium


  • Volume III, No. 4 — January 2009 "Living for the Next Generation; Time to Change?; Mentoring Wisdom"
  • Volume III, No. 3 — October 2008 "How’s Your Vision?; Help to Become Disciplined!; Reaching Out to “New to LWML” Women"
  • Volume III, No. 2 — June 2008 "Mentor? Just Call Me Your Friend; Yielding to the Spirit; Preparing for Public Speaking"
  • Volume III, No. 1 — February 2008 "Leading by Example; Planning a Zone Celebration or Event?"
  • Volume II,  No. 8 — October 2007 "The Leader’s Final Exam; The Gospel is Bearing Fruit; Leader Tips"
  • Volume II,  No. 7 — August 2007 "Fanning the Flame for Leadership; Guidance for LWML Leaders: Great leaders pay attention to both details and people!; Discovering Gifts in Unexpected Places"
  • Volume II,  No. 6 — April 2007 "Guidance for LWML Leaders: The best leader is the one who gets the job done; Diversity: Will it be a Problem or an Opportunity?; Personal Prayer Tips … To Be All You Can Be As A Leaguer"
  • Volume II,  No. 5 — January 2007 "Guidance for LWML Leaders: What do you do when you think something should change?; Commitment; Motivation is Contagious"
  • Volume II,  No. 4  — October 2006 "Guidance for LWML Leaders—Follow Through!; Communication; Gaining, Training, Maintaining LWML Members"
  • Volume II,  No. 3 — July 2006 "Guidance for LWML Leaders: Keep Your Cool When God Answers; Directives for Zone Leader Development Chairman or Vice President of Servant Resources; Biblical Leadership; FOLLOW THE LEADER"
  • Volume II,  No. 2 — April 2006 "Guidance for LWML Leaders: Seek advice from others; Energize Membership"
  • Volume II,  No. 1 — January 2006 "Guidance for the LWML leaders: How do you begin as a leader in the LWML?; Ten Commandments for Leaders"


"Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me." Psalm 31:3


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