Franklin Avenue Mission, Flint, Michigan

2017–2019 Mission Grant 2 — $100,000

nullFuture home for women and children — an extension of Franklin Avenue Mission. The Mission purchased this abandoned house adjacent to its site where interior demolition is completed. Plans are underway to redesign, remodel and add on to the structure.

The Franklin Avenue Mission in Flint, Michigan, has purchased a residence next door to the mission, and is seeking funds to redesign, renovate, refurbish, and furnish the residence. Named Mercy House for Women and Children, the facility will house six to eight homeless, pregnant, and/or abused women and their children. Located in one of the poorest cities in America, the home will attempt to break the cycle of poverty and decrease the potential for abuse, by housing women and children in a safe, caring, Christian environment, where the best practices of parenting and relationship building can be modeled and taught.


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