At meals, much more can happen than the mere consuming of food. Around the table, as friends and family gather for a meal, relationships can be deepened, special occasions celebrated, important life matters can be discussed. In short, life is often shared over a meal.

Many significant things happened over a meal during Jesus' earthly ministry. "At Table with Jesus" invites us to journey into the Scriptures and take a seat around the meal table where Jesus dines. Is Jesus talking to those He is eating with or might He be talking to those gathered outside the doorway? Could He be talking to us 2000 years later?

Past LWML Senior Pastoral Counselor, Rev. Kris Whitby takes a closer look at some of these things in this new Bible study containing 7 chapters. The study comes as a Study Guide with a separate Leader's Guide. 

LWML20417 and LWML20418. Now available as free downloads!

At Table with Jesus — Study Guide

At Table with Jesus — Leader Guide

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