Winsome Witnessing of Jesus Using Photographs

They mark the moments, days, years, and decades of our lives. They commemorate special occasions and everyday events. They express the gamut of human emotion.

“They” are photographs, those printed images we paste in albums, display in frames, send as Christmas cards, and often stuff in drawers, boxes, and trunks.

What use do you make of the photographs you’ve taken or received? Have you used them as a way to witness Jesus’ saving love and God’s power and provision in our lives? The images you’ve captured through the lens of your camera can tell God’s story in a unique, creative, and compelling way.

The six sessions of this study are designed to open your eyes to new ways in which you can be a winsome witness of Jesus using your own personal photographs and experiences. Images captured in the past can help you tell God’s story of salvation with meaning and conviction.

At the conclusion of the study you will have made your own personal Witness Album to share with friends and acquaintances.

This study is written by Diane Grebing who is currently serving as Vice President of Christian Life for the Southern Illinois LWML District. Diane is a freelance writer for Concordia Publishing House for 29 years. She and her husband, Rev. Terry Grebing, live in Bunker Hill, Illinois.

The Leader Edition includes the Bible study, possible service projects, suggested schedules for a one-day or two-day retreat, list of materials needed and leader hints.

This Bible study is now available as a free download.

Every Picture Can Tell God's Story — Leader Edition  #LWML20421
Every Picture Can Tell God's Story — Study Edition #LWML20422