One of the ways to grow your LWML group is to reach out in friendship one woman to another. This session will give you practical, hands-on help in inviting and building relationships with other women in your congregation.

LWML Invitation — Just a Cup of Coffee is an interactive presentation with questions and activities. In order for this course to be more than just discussion, roleplay and table talks are an integral part of the presentation. Through this course it is hoped that each participant will be encouraged to make that one-on-one connection with another woman from one’s congregation, developing a friendship, and inviting her to the next course, LWML 101 — The Basics, so she can learn about the LWML as an organization and you can share why you personally are involved.

It is a well-established fact that it’s the rare person who responds to a general written invitation which announces: “everyone is invited.” A personal invitation garners a greater positive response and personal invitations come from people. But sometimes it’s hard to know who to ask possibly because all of your current friends are already involved. Intentionally seeking out a new friend at your church will provide you with an opportunity for growth and the possibilities are endless of what the benefits can be to each of you.


LWML Invitation — Just a Cup of Coffee is in the Women in Mission University PowerPoint series. Other PowerPoints in the series can be viewed/downloaded here.