As we begin the fourth course in the Women in Mission University materials we will move further toward organizing – or reorganizing – a group of women into an active, dynamic, and contemporary group of Lutheran Women in Mission. This course will help you assess, accept, promote, and encourage change where needed so that the women are affirmed in their relationship with the Triune God and enabled to use their gifts in ministry to the people of the world.

LWML 104 – Your LWML Designed 4 U will give you a hands-on experience that will, God willing, help you take your current group to a different level, one that engages the woman of today and encourages her to become an active Lutheran Woman in Mission. This course is divided into multiple segments that will involve a little extra work outside the group presentation time. While the department store may offer “one-size-fits-all” clothes, the LWML knows that women’s ministry isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” organization. The main focus – being a place where each woman is welcomed and encouraged to use her unique God-given gifts as she supports global missions and serves the Lord with gladness – is the same throughout the organization. But the “how” of what we do is personalized according to the needs, wants, interests, and desires of each local group.

Part 1

Part 2


LWML 104 — Your LWML Designed 4 U is in the Women in Mission University series. Other PowerPoints in the series can be viewed/downloaded here.