nullSharing experiences in his work as a LCMS missionary, author, Rev. Robert Selle, serves as a guide for seven journeys with Jesus in this Bible study. Written for group or individual study.

As you might expect from a book written by the inhabitants of a mountainous country, mountains range all across the biblical narrative. A complete concordance lists over 550 uses of the word 'mountain' and another 120 references for the word 'hill'. Fully 36 mountains are identified by name, from Abarim & Amana to Zemaraim & Zion. Christians have a deep appreciation for mountains because of earth-shaking events that took place on the rocky terrain of the ancient Near East — events that not only formed the foundation of Judeo-Christian tradition, but, still today, give inspired substance to the saving faith that fills every believer's heart with peace and hope, both in this life and for the life to come. LWML20424

Mountaintop Journeys with Jesus