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The zone serves as a vital link in the organizational chain of LWML. Zones help members of local groups, individual members, and participants relate to the district by providing opportunities for:

  • a forum on issues such as elections, mission grants, bylaw amendments, and other business for district conventions;
  • selection of Young Woman Representatives to district conventions;
  • planning zone implementation of, and participation in, district and LWML activities and programs; and
  • encouraging support for district and LWML mission grants.


Through its delegate(s) to LWML conventions, the zone has voice and vote in all decisions of the convention. Zones may wish to caucus for consensus voting on elections, mission grants, and other business before LWML conventions.

Zones having ten (10) or fewer units may send one (1) certified delegate to LWML conventions. Larger zones may send one (1) certified delegate for each additional ten (10) units or major fraction thereof as of January 1 preceding the convention. (Note: All LWML groups in one congregation or setting are considered as one member unit for the purpose of representation at LWML conventions.) For example:

  • A zone with 16 – 25 member units would be eligible to send two (2) delegates.
  • Zones with 26 – 35 member units could send three (3) delegates.
  • (Note: Large zones are not encouraged. In order to be effective, zones should strive to mirror the makeup of the district circuits.)

Names of zone delegates are sent to the LWML District President as designated by the district, and the District President forwards the names of the delegates to the LWML Recording Secretary in accordance with the LWML Bylaws.


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