Mom with newborn baby, snuggling in hospital bed

LWML Toolkit Kits

LWML Toolkit Kits are kit suggestions that you can use for Gifts from the Heart in your district, zone, and local groups. Be sure to know where your kits will be given before you start collecting. It is suggested that agencies be contacted to be sure they can take the kits and in what quantity. Different agencies may also request certain items to better serve their clients. This kit list is simply a “jumping off” point to use as you share God’s love and serve the Lord with Gladness.

New Mom’s Kit

  1. Mustard Seeds Love, Laughter and Lullabies
  2. Inspirational bookmark from the LWML Store
  3. Small package of cookies
  4. A devotional booklet — "Dear Mother"
  5. Salts for a foot soak
  6. Stretch mark cream
  7. A devotional journal — “A Sparrow’s Worth”
  8. Home-cooked meal delivered (that can be frozen for later)
  9. Mom and baby picture frame
  10. Snuggly knit slippers
  11. Tied fleece baby blanket

New Baby Kit

  1. Baby powder
  2. Baby wash
  3. Baby lotion
  4. Fleece blanket
  5. Q-tips
  6. Socks
  7. Washcloths
  8. Pacifier
  9. Baby toy or LWML Bear
  10. My Gifts from God from Concordia Publishing House
  11. My First Bible from Concordia Publishing House

View New Mom and New Baby Kits — printable PDF
Download New Mom and New Baby Kits — Word doc

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