Tips for Leading with Confidence

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Does your group sometimes have problems making an effective decision? Below are tips to encourage all members to become involved in the decision-making process. 

Effective Decision Making

Two extremes can create situations where less than ideal decisions are made.

1. Groups that blindly agree with all suggestions of their leader

2. Groups where a dominant member shuts down all discussion

Both extremes can lead to unsuitable outcomes. Below are several ways to encourage discussion and wise decision making:

  • Begin with prayer.

  • Ask questions rather than giving opinions when acting as the chairman.

  • Divide into sub-groups to work on alternatives and then reconvene.

  • Brainstorm three alternatives before making choices.

  • Intentionally request input from quiet members.

  • Explore assumptions before making decisions.

Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed (Prov. 15:29).

God's Blessings,

Susan Brunkow, Chairman
Leadership Development Committee

LWML 2017–2019 Leadership Development Committee Members
Deb Vinkemeier
Cheryl Killham
Susan Brunkow, Chairman
Debbie Larson, Vice President of Organizational Resources, Advisory

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