Bible Study on Comfort and Hope, Dealing with Down Days, 8 sessions. 55 pages. By Roxanne M. Smith. Leader Guide available.


Pain is powerful. It can totally destroy some lives, cripple others, and burden many more. What is the Christian's response physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Author Roxanne M. Smith explores this question in this eight-lesson study, sharing personal experiences and searching Scripture. Relevant to pain sufferers and those who care for them.

Lesson One: Life Plan Disrupted
Lesson Two: My Heart’s Cry
Lesson Three: What About Healing?
Lesson Four: What About Healing? Part 2
Lesson Five: The Call to Prayer
Lesson Six: The Great Cure-Giver’s Gifts
Lesson Seven: Our Hope of Heaven
Lesson Eight: Legacy

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Living with Pain: Strength and Survival — Study Guide

Living with Pain: Strength and Survival — Leader Guide

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