Faith Lutheran Church, 3101 Hamilton Boulevard, Sioux City, Iowa 51104
Saturday, March 24, 2018 with events at 8:30 and 10:30 am.

These events present a great opportunity for you to bring family home for Christmas, friends, or just come yourself and experience the joy of giving.  What better way to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus than to provide food and the Word to hungry and starving children.  If you plan to bring a group of 5 or more please let me know.

Mercy Meals of Siouxland: Call (712) 258-0808

nullCommunity volunteers packaging Mercy Meals for hungry & starving children at Faith Lutheran Church, Sioux City.

Mercy Meals of Siouxland allows volunteers to package fortified Rice/Soy meals that are delivered to hungry and starving children throughout the world.

Mercy Meals of Siouxland is a program of Faith Lutheran Church; “Shepherds of Our Savior” a multi-congregational Christian men’s group sponsors and operates the program. Mercy Meals of Siouxland is contracted with Mercy Meals of Nebraska to package Mercy Meals, and Orphan Grain Train delivers the packaged meals to areas of most need around the world.

We utilize volunteers of all ages to package Mercy Meals; however, we feel it is important for children age 11 and up, and youth to be involved in order to instill a sense of self-empowerment, civic duty, world awareness, kindness to their fellow man, and appreciation for the blessings in their daily lives. We want our future generations to know they can make a difference in other people’s lives by being informed, by making good choices in their lives, by giving their time and by donating their talents. To schedule a packaging event, call 712-301-1228 or e-mail

Packaging events utilize 10-12 volunteers for each packaging line. Events begin with a short update on world hunger facts and recent shipments reports, followed by packaging of food for about one hour. Donations are encouraged, but not required.

$20.00 provides 150 meals
$50.00 provides 385 meals
$100.00 provides 770 meals
$200.00 provides 1540 meals
$1000.00 provides 7692 meals
$5000.00 provides 38462 meals

Please send your donation to Mercy Meals of Siouxland, Faith Lutheran Church, 3101 Hamilton Boulevard, Sioux City, Iowa 51104. Please make checks payable to Faith Lutheran Church/Mercy Meals of Siouxland.  (712) 258-4820