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nullLWML eNews Issue #206 — May 1, 2017

Enjoy LWML Convention Outdoors

Have you signed up for the fun outdoor events LWML has planned before and during the 37th Biennial LWML Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico? These events would be fun for the whole family! Learn more about these events by visiting here





LWML Starter Kit

nullWould you like to join LWML as an individual member or would you like to start a group within your church? If so, visit There are many resources and tips on the Group Resources page to guide you through the process.

Examples such as:
-Women in Mission University (WMU): PowerPoints
-HOPEful Tips of the Month
-Bylaws and Meeting Helps

If you have any questions regarding starting a group or an individual membership, contact Someone from the HOPE Committee will be happy to assist you.


Lutheran Women in Mission Blog


Have you been reading President Patti’s, Lutheran Women in Mission blog? Her recent blog post on “A Convention Invitation Changed One Woman’s World” highlights Deborah’s first convention, here’s a snip it of the story, 

Between the doors of the sanctuary and the welcome center, she stopped me. “Would you want to go to the LWML convention in Des Moines with me?” “Sure,” I responded. Once a month, outside the sanctuary doors , a rectangular table covered with a purple cloth held a large container half filled with change and small purple and white boxes labeled  “Mites” and  “LWML”. That had been the extent of my LWML knowledge. The rest of the blog post can be found here

The LWML is the leading group for LCMS women where each woman is welcomed and encouraged to use her unique God-given gifts as she supports global missions and serves the Lord with gladness. 
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