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eNews Issue #249 — November 6, 2018




Join in sharing our inspiring LWML Bible study today!

The Task-Filled Life, an online Bible study authored by Jan Brunette, is available now. The Task-Filled Life is featured on our website at and on LWML’s Facebook page. The first session entitled The Great I AM, began on Saturday, October 6, but you may connect right now! Each session is listed by number. Read sessions you may have missed and continue by following the days listed.

What a privilege to spend time in God’s Word.


2017–2019 LWML MISSION GRANT #14 - $100,000
Laborers of Love — Lutheran Braille Workers

nullYour mite offerings, given in prayer, will assist in the cost of producing the ESV Bibles in large print and zinc plates for each Braille Work Center.

nullPatti Ross, Carol Zemke, Rev. Dennis Stueve

On October 20, volunteers, staff, donors, and recipients of LBW’s materials celebrated LBW’s 75th anniversary at the home office in Yucaipa, California, with a dinner gala. LWML President Patti Ross was one of the gala speakers and had the privilege of presenting a check in support of LWML Mission Grant #14 to LBW Board of Directors Chairman Carol Zemke and LBW President Rev. Dennis Stueve.

nullKaleb Ries and father, Rev. Jeffrey Ries

Nine year old Kaleb Ries thanked those assembled for their work which allowed him to read God’s Word for himself. To view and listen to Kaleb’s message, click on this Facebook link,

To learn more about this LWML mission grant, visit


2017–2019 LWML MISSION GRANT #6 - $100,000
Lutheran Children’s Books for Families Worldwide — Lutheran Heritage Foundation

nullOn Monday, October 29, LHF Executive Director Rev. Dr. Matthew Heise, LHF Development Associate Rev. Rod Benkendorf, and Rev. Peter Anibati from Sudan, visited the new LWML Office to bring greetings and many thanks to the LWML for their ongoing support and for the LWML Mission Grant #6 awarded to them.

(From L to R) Rev. Rod Benkendorf, Rev. Peter Anibati, and Rev. Dr. Matthew Heise

In a letter presented to the sisters of LWML, Rev. Heise stated, “The two volumes you see here are in the Russian and Bahasa languages. Through your generous support, LHF was able to print 3,000 copies of the Russian book, which will be given at Christmas to children living in orphanages. Families in Indonesia will receive the Bahasa edition, a language that's spoken by the 6+ million Lutherans there! As always, we at the Lutheran Heritage Foundation are deeply thankful for the on-going and generous support shown to this mission by the women of the LWML. Through your gifts, thousands upon thousands of children around the world are being introduced to Jesus Christ in a language they can read and understand.”




You are being offered a wonderful opportunity to reach others with the saving Word of Jesus. Of the 7.6 billion people living on earth, 31% claim to follow the Christian faith. This means two out of three people do not know Jesus! Our LWML Mission Grants are reaching out to a world in need of the Gospel.

On Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, you may donate toward the 2017–2019 LWML Mission Grants Goal by using LWML Facebook, or online at Your donation, going directly to LWML Mission Grants, will be doubled on this day, thanks to the commitment of two generous donors.

Please pray and share this with everyone. Give others in your congregations, the opportunity to share in this mission, by placing offerings in your large Mite Boxes and donate them online on Giving Tuesday. If you are unable to donate online, you may send your contributions to the LWML Office at 801 Seminary Place Suite L010, St. Louis, MO 63105.




Every four years, LWML sponsors a leadership training event to promote effective leadership skills, better communication, and a thorough awareness of our mission and vision. From November 7-10, the LWML Assembly of Leaders will gather in St. Louis, Mo. Four mission minded participants, including a pastoral counselor, from each of the 40 LWML districts will take part. President Patti shares, “God has blessed each of us with gifts so that we may be a blessing to others, to His glory. I look forward to these women and counselors coming together to be equipped and encouraged to serve with confidence in their LWML districts.” Participants will have the opportunity to reach out with God’s love through the giving of their Mite Box offerings as well as Gifts from the Heart items of Walmart gift cards, blankets, paper products, and toiletries for all ages which will be donated to Christian Friends of New Americans.




Do you want to have an impact on the future ministry of the LWML? Join the LCMS Foundation’s Gift Planning team. You’ll meet with individuals and families to create the very best gifts to LWML now and in the future through estate gift planning. Applications are currently being reviewed, apply online now.



nullThe Lutheran women of Trinity Lutheran Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are inspiring servants in our Lord’s harvest fields. They will be sponsoring a Harvest Bake Sale & Soup-to-Go on November 11th with all proceeds to benefit missions. They are also offering free soup to veterans. Thank you for serving the Lord with gladness.

Pictured here are Past LWML President Ida Mall and Lisa Miller.


SAVE THE DATE — JUNE 20–23, 2019

2019 Convention logo: Purple world with gold cross and red heart stretching out around the world centered on the cross, with the inner point of the heart starting in the convention site of Mobile, Alabama.

Convention offerings

During the convention we will have the opportunity to bring our monetary offerings in praise to the Lord. The offering received at the convention Thursday evening Communion Service is designated for the 2019–2021 LWML Mission Goal.

The recipients of the other three offerings (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) will be selected by the LWML Board of Directors in January 2019 from a slate of approved potential recipients.

Prayerfully consider submitting a proposal for a program that could be funded by one of these three convention offerings. Research the proposed recipients thoroughly to guarantee they meet the following criteria:

  1. Be mission in emphasis, extending the ministry of the Word
  2. Fit into plans and projections of the LCMS, and
  3. Be current and ready for implementation.

Contact LWML Treasurer Marilyn Schroeder at to submit your offering recipient proposal in resolution format by November 20, 2018.


Lutheran Women in Mission — The Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) is the official women's auxiliary of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Since 1942, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman's relationship with Christ, encouraging and equipping women to live out their Christian lives in active mission ministries, and to support global missions.

The LWML is the leading group for LCMS women where each woman is welcomed and encouraged to use her unique God-given gifts as she supports global missions and serves the Lord with gladness. 
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