How “Mite” You Respond?

We, as Lutheran Women In Mission know who we are. We are children of the Heavenly Father through baptism. We are sinners, forgiven by the very blood of Jesus, and because we recognize our sinful nature, the Word and Sacraments are the
sweet foundation on which we stand. We give, serve, study His Word, show mercy, and love others in response to His grace. We know we are His forgiven children and we want everyone throughout the world to learn of our Savior. The prayers and the mites of the LWML make a difference!

As members of our LWML family, you are entitled to know that as of July 31, 2014, the LWML has a deficit of $108,000 in our mission grants gifts. If each LWML group would respond to this request of an additional gift of $50 (or an amount your group
feels blessed to give) in support of the national mite goal, more grants will be funded to reach many with His message of love and grace! We know you are faithful givers, and we know you appreciate staying informed.

How “mite” you respond as a child of God? Consider this extra gift to the national mite goal today. Gifts should be designated as “missions” and mailed to Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, 3558 S Jefferson Ave, St Louis, MO 63118.

The Time is NOW Pledge Cards

The Time is NOW pledge cards were handed out at all LWML District Conventions. The LWML Office has had many requests for these cards for use during LWML Sunday celebrations and they are now available for the cost of postage only. Order them today from the LWML Office at 1-800-252-5965, or write them in as an addition on your LWML Sunday Order Form. Simply write, “The Time is NOW pledge cards” and the number of cards your group would like to hand out to the women in your church on the form. Enjoy sharing the ministry of the LWML!

This is a Volunteer Ministry

The LWML is a volunteer ministry. So how does one go about recruiting volunteers? How do you keep them engaged and enjoying their service? A new resource, Volunteers in Christ’s Ministry, provides practical, helpful ways to build, encourage, support, and recognize your volunteer team.

Consider downloading this free resource while planning your LWML Sunday activities. The Time is NOW to encourage all women to learn about the LWML and invite them to participate in LWML activities.

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