Pacific Southwest District Sage and Sand Zone 20 Fall Celebration

Go home and tell them how much the Lord has done for you
and how he has had mercy on you (Mark 5:19).

Some of the highlights of the Sage and Sand Zone Fall Celebration this year were collections of quilts for Lutheran World Relief as well as clothing items for Orphan Grain Train. The “Prayers for Squares” quilting group at Grace Lutheran Church in Lancaster, California started in 2007. The number of quilts completed has skyrocketed to 340! Anyone may request a quilt for a sick friend or family member. What a special blessing to those who are suffering.

As if the quilts for the sick and ailing aren’t enough, this group also makes quilts for Lutheran World Relief. This year alone, the number of quilts totaled 106. They also make dresses and shorts for Orphan Grain Train – to the tune of 240 dresses and 256 pairs of shorts!

An ingathering was held for a local shelter for victims of domestic violence. Donations consisted of pillows, pillow cases, baby blankets, children’s books, toys, and games.

Submitted by Dorothy Bromaghim
Pacific Southwest District