Quilts for Orphans — A Reflection of Jesus’ Love in Actionnull

Epiphany Lutheran Church in Chandler, AZ

On January 18, 2019, Jean Weber, Kathy Baumhofer, and Judie Christensen, members of Epiphany Quilters, at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Chandler, AZ, drove to Grace Lutheran Church in El Centro, CA, to deliver 27 twin and lap quilts to Rev. Doug Griebenaw. Those quilts were then delivered to an orphanage in Mexicali, Mexico.  Photos depict Judie Christensen presenting the quilts to Pastor Griebenaw and the orphans receiving their quilts at the orphanage.



Submitted by
Kathy Baumhofer
Estrella Zone 29 LWML President
Pacific Southwest District