Two Minute Tuesday

Once a new district president did something different. She looked and saw several women in their 30s and 40s who loved God. She called each one and seven of the eight district committees had new chairmen (wisely keeping the structure chairman). I was blessed to be one of the seven. What did she see in us? God knew and gave her wisdom. She made us leaders of the annual retreats and fellowship times at convention, giving each a chance to be chairman, and molded us into a cohesive unit. She watched us grow, listened, and guided us without micromanaging. Three of the women eventually moved away. Three grew into district presidents.  One now has a severe illness. The four who stayed in the district are life-long friends, rejoicing and aching and praying with and for each other. If you are a leader, is it time for a change? Follow God’s leading and do something different, whatever, wherever, and whenever He has need of you!

Sheila L. Lutz
LWML Central Illinois District President

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