Peter … From Fisherman to Fisher of Men DVD Bible Study

Item number LWML68934


An eight-lesson DVD bible study on the life and ministry of the Apostle Peter. Written by Donna Pyle, this study examines how God uses Peter's brokenness, failures, and triumphs to help us grow in faith Two-disc set. Electronic leader copy of workbook included as a pdf file on one of the discs. Order one workbook, (LWML68935) per participant.

Run times for each lesson: Lesson 1 - 44 minutes, Lesson 2 - 43 minutes, Lesson 3 - 63 minutes, Lesson 4 - 48 minutes, Lesson 5 - 41 minutes, Lesson 6 - 55 minutes, Lesson 7 - 47 minutes, Lesson 8 - 32 minutes.

Order the DVD (with electronic workbook PDF) by phone at 800-325-3040 (CPH Customer Service) or:Order online at


Additional Peter … From Fisherman to Fisher of Men workbooks (LWML68935) also available for purchase.