2019 Convention Offering #4 LCMS Disaster Response/Community Relief

$35,419.08 as of 9/26/19

An update from LCMS Disaster Response on September 20, 2019:

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the Name of our Savior!

Thank you for the Disaster Response Grant from your convention offering. Its timeliness makes me believe the Lord has touched this gift.

Yesterday, Rev. Ross Johnson, Director of Disaster Response sent me this email.

I just got off the phone with President Newman, he called to let me know about the devastating effects that Tropical Storm Imelda is causing in the areas of Beaumont and Winne (the “golden triangle” area of Texas). So far they have received 28 inches of rain and they expect 10 more inches over the next 36 hours. The in the “golden triangle”  area of Texas the flooding is equal to or worse than the flooding after Hurricane Harvey. President Newman went out of his way to let me know that he is looking forward to our participation and partnership in this flood response.

Julie Tucker is still our funded/contracted disaster manager in the coastal area of Texas until January 31, 2020. President Newman has Julie overseeing this flood response work. Several church workers are underwater. Also Trinity Lutheran Church in Port Arthur is located in the “golden triangle” and they are one of our “disaster response hubs” they are funded until the end of January 2020. Multiple churches and LERT teams across Texas have contacted Julie Tucker and the District and they are on standby to help “muck out” these areas.

As you can see, the timing of your gift was extraordinary. We’re hoping to have a Communications team down in the area next week. Dr. Johnson is also going there to work out strategies with the District President. One story I’m hoping to hear more about is the rescue of an LCMS Pastor’s widow who was trapped by the floodwaters. I’m told it’s quite a tale, but I don’t know the details yet.

What a joy that I’ve been able to have so many meaningful interactions with our LWML officers. It has been a special blessing to be able to be at so many meaningful events with President Debbie. I look forward to more and richer experiences.

May the Lord continue to use you as avenues of His mercy and love!

In Christ,
Pastor Bob Zagore

Rev. Robert M Zagore
Executive Director, Office of National Mission
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod