Mission Grant #14 “Hope and Healing Hub of Downtown Lincoln — University Lutheran Chapel, Lincoln, Nebraska” $50,000 Paid in Full

COVID-19 interrupted the work at the University Lutheran Chapel on the University Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) campus. However, they look forward to continued partnerships between GracePoint Institute for Relational Health; Concordia University, Nebraska; the University Lutheran Chapel; and the LCMS Nebraska District when on-campus classes resume. 

As the Holy Spirit led LWML members to generously and faithfully provide their prayers and financial donations, so He will lead those participating in the ministry at the University Lutheran Chapel.

The renovated Chapel is now home to a counseling center, Concordia’s graduate courses, a worship center, fellowship spaces, and a place to develop connections with the community and university students. It is quickly becoming a hub for hope and healing for students from all over the world.

First-time visitors describe the renovated space as bright, inviting, and elegant. Alumni and students who remember the old space are often speechless. The new worship space is vibrant and welcoming, and the free lunches that will be held after the worship service each Sunday will help students build friendships and begin to feel like family. Volunteer groups who provide these lunches appreciate the new kitchen on the main floor. Students coming to the weekday Bible studies can now easily find the entrances and meeting areas, and enjoy lingering after-events in the more welcoming spaces for fellowship. 

Last year, several students received care and counseling from GracePoint professionals in the areas of anxiety, addiction, and social and academic struggles. It is clear that God will continue to use this unique partnership to extend His Kingdom and bless students in the name of Christ.

The space has also been used for an LWML zone rally, church staff retreats, Concordia retreats, campus prayer meetings, and the monthly meeting of all campus pastors at UNL. It's extremely rewarding to see people of all backgrounds flow in and out and know that they are receiving Jesus through this space. 

The renovation project has already had an impact on international student ministry. Before the renovation, they would often just stand outside and call the director of International Student Ministry to have him come outside to meet them as they were unsure of where to go. The addition of several windows and more visible entryways help students feel much more comfortable as they are entering the building. 

Thank you for your generosity in making this space a reality.

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