2015–2017 Mission Grant: Providing Hope for Detroit — Acts 2 Enterprise, $100,000 fully paid


Acts 2 Enterprise (A2E) is an ongoing ministry that impacts the lives of people in Detroit daily. A2E provides a variety of outreach ministries as part of its overall outreach, each designed to impact residents of the city whom are served through A2E. Among the many aspects of outreach, two that were prominent during the past few months were the Urban Institute hosted by A2E Director Rev. Christopher Bodley, and the three A2E Sports Camps/VBS programs that were held. The Urban Institute is a multi-day conference designed to build and equip other leaders to serve the city of Detroit and other urban centers; while the Sports Camp/VBS program, a total of three week-long camps, involves several hundred children by teaching various sports skills, while providing a Vacation Bible School atmosphere to teach them about Jesus.

The Good News is shared through every component of A2E by either Pastor Bodley directly, or by one of the many volunteers (Urban Missionaries) who serve alongside of him. This practice applies to both children and adult outreach ministries. In September, the Urban Institute hosted over 50 attendees who learned under the theme “Transformed to Transform”. As People of Hope, they are thankful to have been chosen by God to be transformed by His grace. Attendees focused on the Biblical principles of spiritual formation, the process of transformation, and how they become catalysts of transformation in their spheres of influence.

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