Mission Grant #12 “Women’s Witness and Mercy, Asia – Mission Central” $100,000 PAID IN FULL!

I heard some time ago from our friend and partner in the Gospel, Gary Thies of Mission Central, about the generous gift that was made by the LWML to ten missionary women in Asia — including me. I have wanted to write to you both to share how deeply thankful I am for that gift, and then the world started to change rapidly!  

My family and I are in our second year of service to the church in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Before serving here, we lived in Hanoi, Vietnam, for over 10 years until we were given two weeks’ notice to leave. With three children (one of them just 10 months old at the time), we packed up and said good-bye to 10 years of life and ministry in just a few weeks.  

Once again, we find ourselves in a strange position. We have decided to stay and serve the church in Cambodia during an epidemic. We know that food choices may become limited, water and electricity shortage is common, and medical care is severely lacking. We choose to stay because God calls us to be salt and light in this world, not only when it's easy or comfortable. We know that He is faithful because we have lived through the loss and pain of leaving our home of 10 years. And still, He brought us out of that time of mourning and gave us a new calling. We take comfort in remembering that we have been made new through Baptism and that God equips us with His Spirit for everything He has called us to do. To learn more about our family or subscribe to our newsletters go to https://missioncentral.us/cima/.

We are so thankful for the faithful women of the church, who continue to remember its missionaries in prayer and with financial support. We pray for you all, too! During this time of isolation and loss of work, many people are struggling. I pray that God would continue to equip you as you live as salt and light in the world and among those whom you serve.  

Sincerely, Aimee Cima
LCMS Missionary in Asia

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