2017–2019 Mission Grant #18: Restoration Programs for Native Hawaiians—Lutheran Indian Ministries; $75,000; partially paid

Pictured are Kristen Kolell, LWML South Wisconsin District (SWD) VP of Mission Grants, and Jan Ladendorf, LWML SWD Recording Secretary, presenting a check on January 15, 2019, to Lutheran Indian Ministries Grant Administrator, Tim Youngeagle, for Grant #18 — Restoration Programs for Native Hawaiians. Tim stressed that there is great opportunity for ministry as the majority of native Hawaiians live in poverty which can contribute to dysfunctional behaviors in families, substance and sexual abuse, violence and suicide. You are making an impact with your prayers and mites helping native Hawaiians know the only true source of Truth, Hope, and Restoration. Tim has just returned from visiting Clarence DeLude III, a native Hawaiian, who has a Master’s Degree in Lutheran education and is enrolled in the Cross-cultural Ministry Center (CMC) program at Concordia, Irvine, CA, leading to ordination. Clarence is using various Gospel-oriented programs for youth and adults, as well as “Sacred Ground,” a healing program addressing addiction and trauma, as part of reaching out to the large homeless native population. This grant provides funds to support the outreach programs and aid in funding Clarence’s theological training

Pictured: Tim Youngeagle, Kristen Kolell, and Jan Ladendorf

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