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Doctor’s Appointment

In the Word

… a man named Zacchaeus … was seeking to see who Jesus was …  (Luke 19:2a, 3a).

Of the Word

I find myself getting extremely nervous when it is time for a well-child checkup with the doctor. Part of me dreads the shot my child will get, and part of me feels I am about to be judged on whether or not I am a good mother. The appointments, however, are helpful and our pediatrician is always encouraging.

If well-child checkups are that helpful, think how beneficial a Divine Appointment would be. Just ask Zacchaeus!

As chief tax collector Zacchaeus was very rich. Being small of stature, he climbed a tree in order to see this Jesus he had heard about. That is where he was when Jesus, the Great Physician, called, “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today” (Luke 19:5a).

Notice Jesus said He MUST stay with Zacchaeus. God required it. Jesus’ appointment with Zacchaeus changed his life. Jesus brought grace and mercy. This was an appointment Zacchaeus could not afford to miss.

The Great Physician also calls for us to seek Him. He will greet us with healing, not harm; mercy, not judgment. Like Zacchaeus, this is one appointment we also can’t afford to miss.

Walking with my Lord

Father, thank You for the healing mercies I receive from Your Son, Jesus Christ. In His name. Amen.

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