The Women in my District

When I think of the women who influenced me in the LWML, I think of all the women and the wonderful opportunity I was given to serve with them in the LWML Wyoming District. Those women were and are a treasure. They had to endure me and my goofy humor while trying to get things accomplished. We shared a lot of laughter while getting the work done. They patiently worked through a rigorous agenda reflecting upon the Word of God for guidance as they carefully and prayerfully considered how their mites would make the greatest impact for the kingdom of God. They desired to have the women of the Wyoming District see the opportunities for service and mission work in the Church and spoke regularly over how to encourage each other. Their Godly spirit and joyous attention to the task before them made the work with them joyful and made me joyful. They truly wanted nothing more than to serve their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and reflect the light of Christ where they were.

I will always remember fondly the time I spent among them at those district meetings both as a board member and at convention. They taught me the joy of serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Mark Maas