Two Minute Tuesday

Making Jesus the Center of My Focus

The four short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can feel like a ride down a slide; each day gaining momentum causing me to take my eyes off Jesus and get wrapped up in the trappings of the holiday. 

This year I’m going to make a conscious effort to center my mind and heart on Jesus, and push aside the many distractions that so easily entangle me. My plan is to reduce my cookie baking, relax my desire for a perfectly decorated home, and to stay well within my budget for gift giving. 

My focus will be on Jesus — our Redeemer and Risen Lord. 

My plan is to read the Bible daily, pray regularly, attend worship services, and to limit my social visits and obligations. Some resources I can use to guide my Scripture readings are the many Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly Bible studies, archived and available for everyone at Why not see which of these studies can help you keep your eyes on Jesus — the true Reason for the Season!

Linda Guteres
LWML Atlantic District

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