Two Minute Tuesday

Many LWML women cringe when they hear the word “change.” Altering any well-designed, planned-down-to-the-millisecond event usually results in additional meetings, more creative processes, and maybe (could it be?) resistance.  

Surprisingly, it has taken a virus — COVID-19 — to force many LWML leaders to do just that — change! Over the last months, many have had to cancel or postpone conventions, adapt voting methods for choosing mission grants, and revise the officer election process — changes which are needed to insure the spread of God’s Gospel through the LWML.

I salute these LWML women who have risen to the occasion and have changed!  

LWML women have connected in online meetings, availed themselves of online resources, Bible studies, and devotions. They’ve shared ideas and held each other up in prayer as we all face this very unusual time — apart, but yet together.

It is only God’s faithfulness that never changes. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. May we all learn how to embrace change, but remain firm in His message of salvation.

Linda Guteres, President
LWML Atlantic District

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