Two Minute Tuesday

Over the years, I’ve used LWML devotions ( for many events in my church group, zone, and district. The variety of topics on the website is quite amazing! 

Recently, I browsed through that list and came across this title: “The Blessings of Chemo Day.” What? How could chemo day be a blessing? Here are a few of the writer’s inspiring words:

It is “chemo day.” What a blessing! I have the awesome privilege of visiting with my friends. These are new friends and the mix of people changes every time I am here. But sitting here for several hours gives me the opportunity to observe and pray for people.

A few years ago our church hosted an “Introduction to LWML” event which included four activity stations, one of which was “The Word.” Attendees were invited to select one of three devotions and share it with others. Be creative; how can you share LWML devotions to brighten someone’s day?

Barbara Lis
LWML New England District President

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