Two Minute Tuesday

Pray without ceasing, (I Thessalonians 5:17).

The power of prayer cannot be measured, often cannot be seen, but is a certainty. There are almost 100 references to prayer in my Bible’s Concordance. Prayer is important. Jesus himself prayed. He taught us to pray. 

Mustard Seeds and Mustard Seed Devotion Booklets are great resources for prayers when you find yourself wondering what or how to pray for someone or something. As a musician, I mentally sing prayers — verses of memorized hymns or the first lines of a hymn that really spoke to me at a recent worship service. In today’s world of pain and suffering, I find Psalms and hymns filled with just the words that I need and the certainty that my prayers are heard by my Heavenly Father.

Margaret Kistler
LWML Iowa East District President

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