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Written By Young Women

10.  Encourage me to make time for God.

I am often going from sunup to sundown. In the craziness of my life, I need reminders to stop and make time for God.

9. If I’m willing to hold an office, have someone help guide me and answer my questions (and yes, there might be many questions!).

I know it is exciting when as a young woman I commit to being an officer but that doesn’t mean I have all the answers! I want to do a good job so that means I am going to have questions. As a new officer, make sure you have someone check in on me periodically and make sure I don’t have any questions (yes, even the silly questions that I should know!).

8.  Not all of us were raised by Lutheran women.

There are many young women who are new to the Lutheran faith and have SO many questions. Not just questions about LWML, but about Lutheran beliefs in general. It can be very intimidating to ask a question and have people look at you like, “Why don’t you know this?”

7.  Please value my opinions.

Please listen to me. I may have new ideas and even though they may not have been done before, give them an opportunity. My suggestions may be a new way to reach out in love to others. 

6. Please be patient with me.

Yes, I know it can be very frustrating when I haven’t been to the past two monthly meetings. Yes, I know you have reminded me numerous times to turn in a report that was due last week. Yes, I know I didn’t sign up to help with Vacation Bible School this year. But please be patient with me. I am willing to learn and am trying to do my best.

5.  My season of life may be in a different place than yours.

There are many LWML ladies who are in totally different seasons of their lives, each of which has its own concerns. At this time in my life, I am juggling so many different things (work, family, social life, etc.), but I am still willing to serve.

4.  Don’t assume I know what you are talking about.

LWML has a language of its own! I mean I didn’t realize the DP had to approve the ZP’s selection for the YWR by the time of the fall EC meeting … SAY WHAT?!? I don’t know all of the lingo and acronyms, so just know that sometimes you might have to translate for me!

3.  I need your prayers.

This sounds silly, but please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine as well.

2.  I might say no, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to help or come to events.

When I tell you “no” it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to ever hold an office or help with the church dinner. All it means is that I cannot help at that SPECIFIC time! There will come a time when I will say “yes,” just give me time! Please know that when you ask me to go to certain events and I say “no,” it isn’t because I don’t want to go. I just honestly do not have the time or maybe the money to attend. However, I eventually would love to be able to attend, so keep asking!

1.  Don’t assume I can do everything!

I’m so pleased you find it exciting when as a young woman I join your LWML group, but please refrain from signing me up for everything, it can be VERY overwhelming!

Above all, let us remember our love for God is what binds us together as Lutheran Women in Mission.


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