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District President’s Guide for Working with a Young Woman Representative Before, During, and After National Conventions

The Committee on Young Women has prepared the following information to aid district presidents in communicating and developing a relationship with their national Young Woman Representatives (YWRs). Our prayer is that, through this intentional effort, the district presidents will provide ways for the YWR to learn more about the LWML, connect with other YWRs at convention, develop relationships with other district leaders, and understand their role and responsibilities while serving in this capacity.


Submit your YWR’s contact information to the LWML Committee on Young Women.

Exchange phone numbers with your YWR and be available to help her with any questions or problems she may encounter prior to convention.

Give your YWR your district’s travel policy.  

If needed, assist your YWR with securing travel arrangements.

Consider ordering the YWR group photo as a souvenir for your young woman.

Assign a mentor to your YWR to answer her questions.

Pray for her:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for bringing this young woman to us to represent our district at the national LWML convention. May this experience strengthen her bond with You, help her to make new friendships with other women, and encourage her as she learns more about this great organization. In Your name, I pray. Amen.


Encourage your YWR to take pictures and journal her experiences. Encourage her to also take notes on items she would like to incorporate at the district level.

Encourage your YWR to ask questions and spend time with other YWRs.

Introduce your YWR to people in your district.

Remind your YWR to save her receipts for her travel expense voucher.

Pray for your young woman:
Dear Lord,
Thank You for safely bringing us to this convention. As these next few days will be extremely busy, please be with all the Young Woman Representatives. Open their hearts and minds to what the LWML has to offer. Allow this convention experience to instill in them a desire to serve You with gladness. In Your name, I pray. Amen.


Have your YWR provide a headshot and short biography to post on your district website.

Instruct your YWR how to submit her travel expense voucher.  

Have your YWR prepare an article for your district newsletter and website.

Ask her to write a report for the next district convention soon after returning home while the information she has learned is fresh. (If your district has more than one YWR, they may work together on this report.)

Schedule time in your district convention script for your YWR to share about her national convention experience to the full gathering. Consider setting aside five to eight minutes for this presentation.

Notify your zone leaders that this young woman is available for speaking engagements if/when she is available.

Encourage your YWR to edit, compile, and label her photos in a digital file or slideshow. A general PowerPoint presentation template is available for her to personalize with her YWR experience.

Invite the YWR(s) to work with the district YWR chairman for the upcoming district convention.

Consider ways to empower your YWR to stay involved as a young leader in local, zone, and district LWML.

Pray for all the YWRs:
Dear Lord,
Thank You for giving the YWRs a unique experience at the national convention. Help these young women continue their journeys in the LWML and stay close in their relationship with You. Help them to serve You with gladness in all they do. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

View printable PDF of this article, District President’s Guide for Working with a Young Woman Representative Before, During, and After National Conventions