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District Presidents Guide for Working with a Young Woman Representative Before, During, and After National Conventions

The Committee on Young Women has prepared the following information to aid district presidents in communicating and developing a relationship with their national Young Woman Representative (YWR). Our prayer is that, through this intentional effort, the district presidents will provide ways for the YWR to learn more about the LWML, connect with other YWRs at convention, develop relationships with other district leaders, and understand their district responsibilities while serving in this capacity.


  • Communicate expectations: communicate with your prospective YWR the expectations that you and the district have for YWRs as far as commitments prior, during, and after convention.
  • Register: register your young woman to serve as a district YWR following the registration process communicated to you prior to convention.
  • Stay in contact: exchange contact information with your YWR and be available to answer questions she may have prior to convention.
  • Explain travel policy: give your YWR your district’s travel policy and explain the district’s reimbursement process, if applicable.
  • Book Travel: assist your YWR with securing travel arrangements, if applicable.
  • Create Bio: have your YWR provide a photo and short biography to post on your district website, in your district newsletter, or any other means of district communication.
  • Meet Up: meet with your YWR in person or via electronic communication (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.) at least once before convention.
  • Connect the team: provide contact information of other convention attendees from your district to your YWR to answer her questions and to be an additional resource for convention.
  • Review the game plan: review the convention schedule, district caucus agenda, YWR programming, what to pack, appropriate attire, official photo schedule, and convention seating arrangements with your YWR.
  • What to expect: explain what she can expect while at convention (voting, mission grant presentation, Bible studies, speakers, and procession participation).
  • Encourage participation: Encourage her to fully participate in all convention activities.
  • Pray for Her: Dear Lord, thank you for bringing this young woman to us to represent our district at the national LWML convention. May this experience strengthen her bond with You and help her to build relationships with other LWML sisters. Guide her time at convention and use it to make a positive impact on her as she grows in faith and service. Allow this experience to be encouraging to her as she sees how You have used this organization to spread the Gospel around the world. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


  • Send reminders: remind your YWR about specific items she is scheduled to participate in (photo, caucus, processions, etc.) and their respective locations and times. 
  • Take note: encourage your YWR to take photos, journal her experiences, and take notes on items she would like to incorporate into the district YWR program or include in her report to the next district board meeting or convention.
  • Encourage learning: encourage your YWR to ask questions and learn more about how LWML operates.
  • Encourage connection: encourage your YWR to spend time with the other YWRs, sharing insights and experiences that can help her continue her involvement with LWML upon returning home.
  • Save receipts: remind your YWR to save her receipts for her travel expense reimbursement.
  • Make introductions: introduce your YWR to LWML members in your district.
  • Check in: Check in with your YWR regularly to see how her experience is going and answer any questions she may have.
  • Share the task: Assign other district leaders to share a note of encouragement with your YWR each day of convention.
  • Ask for help: Encourage the other women in your district to connect with your YWR personally and ask them to pray for and with her.
  • Pray for your Young Woman: Dear Lord, thank You for safely bringing us to this convention. As these next few days will be extremely busy, please be with all the Young Woman Representatives. Open their hearts and minds to what the LWML has to offer. Allow this convention experience to instill in them a desire to serve You with gladness. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


  • Debrief: communicate with your YWR to learn about her convention experience, answer any questions she has, and clearly communicate the district’s expectations for her involvement going forward.
  • Submit expenses: instruct your YWR how to submit any convention expenses not already covered by your district according to your district guidelines. 
  • Write article(s): ask your YWR to prepare an article for your district newsletter and website.
  • Write report: invite your YWR to write a report for the next district convention manual soon after returning home while the information she has learned is fresh. Provide guidelines to your YWR regarding length and format. (If your district has more than one YWR, they may work together on this report.)
  • Plan to present: schedule time in your district convention script for your YWR to present to the convention body about her national convention experience. Consider setting aside five to eight minutes for this presentation. Communicate with your YWR what audio-visual technology will be available at the district convention along with the deadline for submitting her audio-visual files.
  • Tell the zones: notify your zone leaders that this young woman is available for speaking engagements and share her contact information with them.
  • Create slide show: encourage your YWR to edit, compile, and label her photos in a digital file or slideshow. 
  • Learn and plan together: invite the YWR to work with the district YWR chairman to provide ideas for programming for your next district convention.
  • Stay involved: brainstorm with your YWR ways to stay involved as a young leader in her local, zone, and district LWML.
  • Make more introductions: invite your YWR to share the specific interests and passions that she experienced at the national convention and help her connect with those areas of service in your district or her local group. Introduce her to your district leaders who work in the areas where she shows an interest. Encourage them to invite her participation.
  • Foster relationships: encourage your district and local leaders to foster relationships with the YWR for the remainder of the biennium. Suggest they write notes of encouragement, send emails, and check in periodically with the YWR. Remind them to invite her to local and zone rallies, retreats, and meetings. Ask them to continue to pray for her.
  • Pray for all the YWRs: Dear Lord, thank You for giving the YWRs a unique experience at the national convention. Bless these young women as they continue their journeys in the LWML and stay close in their relationship with You. Help them to serve You with gladness in all they do. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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