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Guidelines for Selecting and Serving as an LWML Young Woman Representative (YWR)

  • Any mature young woman, preferably 22-35 years of age*, who is a member of the LCMS and has not previously attended a national convention as a Young Woman Representative is eligible to become a YWR.

  • A YWR candidate should have a deep love and devotion for her Lord Jesus Christ and is able to participate in the full scope of the convention.

  • A YWR candidate will fill out the application completely and honestly and return it to the district by the date it is due.

  • A YWR candidate is able to be away from home/work/children for the entire convention and the travel time involved**.

The YWR should:

  • Have a strong relationship with her Lord. Her faith will encourage her as she participates in the convention and carries out her YWR duties and responsibilities.

  • Have some knowledge of the LWML. She will gain much from her national convention experience if she understands the basics of the organization. Each district should make an effort to provide education and information for the YWR prior to the convention***.

  • Know what is expected of her on the district level after the national convention, whether that is speaking engagements, attendance at district events, or YWR committee work.

  • Be willing to participate in the following areas after convention: speaking, leading, recruiting, or encouraging. She is expected to impact others with her convention experience; skills in these areas are helpful.

  • Have a desire to make a difference, be willing to assume the responsibilities given her by the district, and serve in a sincere and dedicated manner. Enthusiasm to learn and be involved is a must!

* While 22-35 is the suggested age, we welcome women who are slightly outside of the age range as we look to further the reach of the LWML. We rely on the district board to know if the young women selected are the right representatives.  
** We wish to make all young women, including their children, feel welcomed at convention. If a YWR wishes to bring a young child(ren), all arrangements must be made between the YWR and the district president. The Committee on Young Women will welcome the child(ren) in the morning and evening YWR activity.
The following expectations would need to be followed.
  • The Committee on Young Women would be notified of the intent to bring a child through the YWR rooming form submitted and approved by the district president.
  • Any YWR that wishes to bring children should communicate that to her district board to work out the details (rooming, childcare, etc.).
  • The child(ren) need to be in another’s care (family, friend, or convention childcare program) during all meeting sessions and breakouts.
  • Small children are welcome to accompany their mother to morning or evening YWR-specific events.
  • If a child becomes sick and the mother needs to take care of him or her, a member of the Committee on Young Women should be contacted.
*** See the mentoring document for specific suggestions on how this might be done.

What is expected of a Young Woman Representative?

  • A YWR will attend all sessions of the convention, sitting with her district delegation, though she will not be eligible to vote.

  • A YWR will be asked to report on her convention experience either orally or in written form to the district, zone, or society that nominated her.

  • A YWR will commit to being involved in her local LWML as well as encourage other young women to be active in the LWML.

These guidelines are suggestions to empower your YWR program to have the greatest effect on the young women of your district. May the Lord lead and guide you in your selection process!

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