Two Minute Tuesday“You don’t have to pay her for that.” So my father said. It was my first “professional” work as an artist. And my first real lesson in serving others through my vocation.

Has the 2015 LWML Prayer Service crossed your radar? It is a wonderful exploration of “vocation.” The path God lays out for you, and the skills He gives you, plus the opportunities = vocation. Your life’s work. It may be creative; it may be hard work; it may be glamorous (or not); but the work God calls you to do brings Him glory, presenting opportunities to reflect Jesus’ love and forgiveness to others you encounter with kindness, generosity, and selflessness.

I am often asked why I offer my professional-level skills as a volunteer; or donate artwork for mission and ministry fund-raisers. Partly because my father raised me that way.  Primarily, though, my heavenly Father has given me creativity as my vocation.  I help in the mission field by sharing my talents, making it possible for others to fulfill their callings, as well.

The Time is NOW to be generous with your service; encouraging others to do the same with whatever their God-given vocation happens to be.

Janet Hurta, Chairman
Information Technology Committee

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