Two Minute Tuesday

Our LWML group decided we wanted to get out into the community more this year. For several months we find an organization and go volunteer. This morning we went to Assistance League of Tulsa’s Operation School Bell and helped clothe children from public schools who were in need of some help with uniforms, shoes, jackets and other necessities to attend school and be able to concentrate on their studies. We didn’t preach or teach the Gospel message but we hope we showed the love and care that Jesus showed when He was among the people. Other workers at the site were interested in what church we were from and how we came to be there.

Think outside your church walls! Get out into the public arena so people wonder who you are and why you are doing what you are doing. It can open conversations and opportunities for you. If you go to lunch afterwards it’s even better!

Patti Ross
LWML President 2015–2019

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