Two Minute Tuesday

“I remember the days of old, I meditate on all that thou hast done…” (Psalm 135:5). 

Scripture reminds us to remember! We need to remember how and why the LWML began, while also making plans about how God can work through each of us to grow LWML into the future.

We remember  Mrs. Clara Schmidt who served as the first LWML President, encouraging the ladies of her day to serve the Lord as they served the Church. Interestingly, women in her time - the late 1930’s - were told that they did not need an organization of their own, so it was a big step forward when the LWML was formed to help care for the needs of the women of that day.  

Just as it was in the early 20th Century, The Time is NOW for us - the women of today - to be looking for ways in which we can meet the unique needs of women within our congregations and community. 

Barbara Huggins
LWML Archivist-Historian

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