Two Minute TuesdayWow, it’s almost 2016!  This struck me as I purchased a 2016 calendar.   

As a child I remember writing/drawing on a plastic film which covered a black, waxy surface beneath, a predecessor to today’s “Etch-a-Sketch.” When I messed up or finished drawing, I simply lifted the plastic film and just like magic everything was erased.

2015 is practically behind us - soon we’ll have a fresh start to the calendar’s blank sheets. One thing in our favor is the forgiveness of sins. Just like my childhood toy that carried the impressions of past works of art and failures, once I lifted the plastic film, the slate was clean. Likewise, with the Lord’s forgiveness comes a clean slate. He remembers our past no more as He grants forgiveness through His Son, Jesus.

This perhaps is a good way to think of what may lie ahead in 2016.  A fresh start. The Time is Now to engage in time set aside to daily be with the Lord in prayer and Bible study, meditating and absorbing His words for life, and walking daily with Him. “Serve the Lord with Gladness.”

Marilyn Schroeder

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