Two Minute Tuesday

It’s everywhere. It’s constantly around you in restaurants, doctors’ offices, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, and elevators. You probably don’t even realize it because its purpose is not meant to be a distraction, but rather something rather calming and soothing — background music!

Unlike background music, we have the Word of God which is both soothing and comforting, and yet directive. After all, it is the Gospel! Soothing words of forgiveness, powerful words intended to change our lives, encouraging words to motivate us into action so that we live our lives completely for Him. It’s the Gospel we need to hear — it’s a melody that should capture our attention. It’s the power to change and a song that should surround our heart and life. The Time is NOW to share that Gospel song of forgiveness, encouragement, and motivation with your sisters in Christ!

Marilyn Schroeder
Convention Chairman 2015
Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

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