2019-2021 Mission Grant 18

Sri Lanka Multipurpose Building Construction

Office of International Mission


nullThe Construction Site
nullImmanuel Lutheran Church congregation at worship on Sunday morning.

The Lutheran church has operated in Sri Lanka since the 1920’s. Over the years, Lutherans in Sri Lanka have suffered numerous tests and trials. The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has four very active congregations and seven preaching stations. There are three pastors for the 11 congregations. The need to train pastors is evident by the interest and enrollment in pre-seminary classes.  For many years the Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sri Lanka has needed a sanctuary for Immanuel Lutheran Church, a central administrative office, and facilities to offer the theological classes for future pastors which will provide a permanent Lutheran seminary. Plans for a building to house the sanctuary, administrative offices, and theological classrooms have been designed. This grant will assist in funding the construction of the Sri Lanka Multipurpose Building.

WHEREAS, the LCMS has been active in Sri Lanka since 1927 and is evidenced by four congregations and seven preaching stations; and
WHEREAS, the need to train pastors and deacons is evidenced by interest and enrollment in pre-seminary classes founded by LCMS missionaries in January, 2017; and
WHEREAS, the local congregation and Sri Lankans in general do not have the financial means to establish and support such a building program (The average weekly pay for a worker is $10); and
WHEREAS, the church in Sri Lanka has obtained the necessary permission from the Board of Directors of the LCMS to move forward with a building project that will include a new sanctuary for Immanuel Lutheran Church, room for seminary training and housing, office for the Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church and a preschool (Total cost, $350,000 for construction, not including furnishings); therefore be it
RESOLVED, that the delegates gathered at the 2019 Lutheran Women's Missionary League Convention in Mobile, Alabama, vote the sum of $50,000 to help fund Sri Lanka Multipurpose Building Construction.

nullPre seminary student praying
nullThe front entrance to Immanuel Lutheran Church
(currently meeting in the house)
Pastor Naumann standing with the caretaker and others, in front of proposed construction site.



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