2021–2023 LWML Mission Grant #22

Ministry Vehicle Fund, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone

Lutheran Bible Translators — $70,000


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About This Mission Grant

Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) uses literacy programs within the local language communities to give people the skills to read the newly translated Bible which results in a personal relationship with God. When they can read God’s Word in their local or heart language, they know that God speaks their language and hears their prayers. Local personnel in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone, identified as partners with LBT, help teach their people. The long distances between the language communities have treacherous and hazardous terrain. The money from this grant will help purchase robust, reliable vehicles. Trainers will be able to travel to God’s people who are waiting for the opportunity to learn to read the saving words of the Gospel in their heart language. This will impact multiple language groups in both countries.


Literacy programs funded by Lutheran Bible Translators generally have 400–900 students. As Scripture is translated into the local languages, both the young and old need to be taught how to read it.


A durable vehicle is needed as road erosion and potholes are a common sight in Africa and increases the wear and tear of a vehicle.

Approved Resolution at the LWML Convention

WHEREAS, God tells us in Romans 10:17, So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ; and

WHEREAS, Lutheran Bible Translators uses literacy programs to reach the local people and share God's Word; and

WHEREAS, the Department of Mission and Theology of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) and the literacy coordinator of The Institute of Sierra Leonean Languages (TISLL) cannot reach the remote areas of Ethiopia and Sierra Leone to visit the local people without vehicles; and 

WHEREAS, the last hurdle to implementing the above programs to empower local language communities for more effective ministry is a vehicle to cross the long distances and hazardous terrain; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the delegates of the 2021 Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Convention scheduled for Lexington Kentucky, vote the sum of $70,000 to help fund Ministry Vehicle Fund, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.

More Mission Grant Photos

Heavy rains make roads extremely slippery and vehicles can easily get stuck in the mud.

Local bridges are better than no bridges, but some can be challenging to cross. This bridge is one of the better built ones compared to others.

Monsoon rains not only make travel to rural areas difficult, but without a durable vehicle it can be impossible.

When vehicles do get stuck in a ditch, it may take several people to help by pulling a rope as the driver tries to steer it back onto the road.

This is a songbook in Amharic, a language in Ethiopia. Can you imagine trying to read this? That is how the local communities feel when they can't read God's Word. Literacy and Scripture Use programs are necessary. Vehicles are necessary to reach the people living in the remote areas. Put God's Word in their hands.


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