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May 2023

Christ-Centered Materials for Hmong Language School and Outreach

2021–2023 Mission Grant 28 — $70,208

Children standing smilingFresno Hmong Language School Spring 2019 Group Picture.

St. Paul Hmong Outreach Ministries in Merced, California, has been actively involved in outreach to Hmong communities in their native tongue for 15 years. In 2015 and 2018, Hmong language schools were founded. They are connected with host churches, St. Paul Lutheran in Merced and Redeemer Lutheran in Fresno, California. Through the schools and outreach at New Year’s festivals, the Gospel is being heard and families are being baptized and confirmed. Funds will be used to continue mission programs, develop new training modules, and support training implementation of Christ-centered educational materials in the Hmong language to be used in the schools, for festival outreach, and to share with other LCMS churches and districts.

Resources for Grant #28

Large Print Resources for Grant #28

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April 2023

Expanding God’s Love in Uganda

2021–2023 Mission Grant 27 — $92,000

Children standing outside smilingChildren in Uganda: All 150 of the LCU congregations have many children. In a country where half of the population is under eighteen, it is very common for at least half of the congregation to be children. There is a strong need for teaching the faith to families throughout Uganda. Ugandans value education and want their children to know Jesus, and the parents want to be confident in correctly teaching their children about Jesus. Having Deaconesses dedicated to teaching Christian education would greatly assist the pastors, as well as preparing the next generation for service in the church. Their presence also helps the LCU become more well known in their communities as the mercy work is always connected to Christ through the LCU.

The Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) is a steadily growing church body in eastern Africa, which has requested LCMS assistance to locally train deaconesses so they may assist the small number of Lutheran pastors throughout Uganda to teach the faith, provide spiritual care, and show mercy to the communities. Being able to provide local training will be a huge benefit to qualified women who would not be able to travel to Kenya for a two-year program, and to the church. This grant would allow for a land purchase attached to the established Lutheran Theological College Uganda, fencing, and a small dormitory for the women.

Resources for Grant #27

Large Print Resources for Grant #27

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March 2023

Strengthening the Lutheran Mission to Kuna, Idaho

2021–2023 Mission Grant 26 — $100,000

People standing in front of chairs arranged in the library.Kuna Lutheran Mission in worship at Kuna High School Library.

Kuna, Idaho, is listed as the seventh most rapidly growing urban/suburban area in the United States and is located near Boise and Meridian, Idaho. A new church has been planted in Kuna and Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church, Boise, is its mother congregation. Kuna Lutheran is currently meeting for worship in the local high school cafeteria with up to 60 people in attendance. The congregation wants to build their own sanctuary and other facilities from which to conduct growing congregational activities, but they are first in need of a parcel of land. The grant funds will assist in the purchase. The mission of Kuna Lutheran is to celebrate God the Father’s love for us in creating us and giving His Son; connecting in faith with Jesus, our Savior; connecting with others in love and care; and communicating God’s love in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Resources for Grant #26

Large Print Resources for Grant #26

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February 2023 Featured Mission Grant Resources

Due to the number of grants this biennium, this month there are two grants featured!

Reaching the Homebound with God’s Word

2021–2023 Mission Grant 24 —  $100,000

filming in progress on church setWorship Anew has six regular pastors who appear on Worship Anew plus guest appearances from church leaders and the speaker of The Lutheran Hour. These homilies are about 10 minutes and bringing a message of comfort to those who hear. We find ourselves in extremely tumultuous times. It seems so easy to be filled with anxiousness and uncertainty. For those unable to attend church, this ministry is a source of great comfort. And even for many who still attend church, it is another great opportunity to be built up in the faith. This is why, even with the significant growth and success of Worship Anew, there is still an incredible challenge to reach people in many other areas around the United States, where the program does not currently go. Support from the LWML will be vital in ensuring thousands more each week will hear God's Word proclaimed on Worship Anew.

Lutheran Ministries Media reaches the homebound and aging with the life-saving message of the Gospel through the weekly broadcast ministry of Worship Anew. With an aging population, the need exists to have accessibility to faithful teaching and understanding of the Bible as taught in our creeds and Lutheran confessions. The broadcast currently reaches areas of New York, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. Lutheran Ministries Media wants to expand their broadcast area by securing on-the air broadcast time on a new nationwide station and also enhance their online presence. The grant funds will be used to pay the broadcast fees and the internet expansion.

Mission Grant Resources

Large Print Resources for Grant #24

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Missionaries to America Project

2021–2023 Mission Grant 25 — $88,000

Missionary Gagan GurungMissionary to America Gagan Gurung spent 22 years in a refugee camp in Nepal. Because of ethnic prejudice his family was forced to leave Bhutan. While there a former Hindu priest turned Christian evangelist tried to bring Gagan to Christ, but he ran away, hiding in a Hindu temple in the mountains. He came to Christ after a miracle in his life. Today he is a missionary in St. Louis, where he has brought more than fifty Nepalese refugees to baptism at Timothy and Ascension Lutheran Churches.

The United States is populated by people from all corners of the world. The purpose of Mission Nation’s “Missionaries to America” project is to help the LCMS strengthen its capacity to share Jesus with people with whom we may be unable to relate because of cultural and language barriers. With this grant, Mission Nation Publishing will be able to provide opportunity and resources for each of us to be better witnesses for Jesus to ethnic groups other than our own, through the publication of the stories of missionaries, who now reside in the United States, and their respective journeys to faith.

Mission Grant Resources

Large Print Resources for Grant #25

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January 2023 Featured Mission Grant Resources

Showing God’s Love in the International District, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2021–2023 Mission Grant 23 — $98,000

open boxes of food and pantry items arranged on a table on the building's porch outside, with a few individuals looking at items in the background.This is the God Cares About You food distribution in which people get large boxes of food and everyone picks what they want. People in the neighborhood come, many homeless, families and refugees from other countries. Staff members let everyone know what is available and encourage them to take what they want, even for friends and neighbors in need. It is in a court yard with tables on two side and the another side is fresh product and fresh bread. During the food distribution relationships are built between those who come for food, clothing, staff, volunteers and all involved. Most share their faith with these people who often feel alone and are searching to fill their hearts. Many will tell the volunteers and staff that they turned their lives over to God due to the testimony of others.

Albuquerque’s International District is home to an ethnically diverse and disadvantaged population with a high crime rate. God Cares About You Mission, which is supported by nine area Lutheran churches, is transforming lives both now and for eternity. Their outreach includes a clothing bank, children’s ministry, food bank, back-to work program, Christian fellowship, meals, Bible studies, worship services, street evangelism, and counseling. Currently, the programs are only offered three days a week and they want to expand to six days. With this expansion, they need to add a services director and kitchen manager to better manage the programs offered. Help is sought for their salaries. With the funds from this grant, God Cares About You can expand their ministry and reach more with Christ’s love.

Resources for Grant #23

Large Print Resources for Grant #23

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