July 2016

eNewsletter from the LWML Christian Life Committee

Christian Life Committee

Anne Hartman
Terri Wenzel
Jennifer Huecker

Eden Keefe, VP Christian Life


The purpose of the Christian Life Committee is to provide materials to engage, encourage, and equip women to grow in their Christian faith and service.

ENGAGE:  The summer season is in full swing, but soon the fall season will begin, and Fall Zone Rallies will be a part of our schedules. These rallies provide us with the opportunity for promoting new ideas to engage all our members in Bible study. Some suggested studies can be found in the online LWML Catalog.

ENCOURAGE:  Make a display for your district board meeting and encourage each Zone Christian Life Chairman to also make a display or handout featuring pictures from the online LWML Catalog. Page 4 features the New Today’s Light Devotional Bible, #LWML012104, with a full description on the back page of the catalog. Pages 6 and 7 are full of new Bible studies, with download options. Each study offers six to eight sessions, for individual use, or especially designed for group study, on a wide variety of topics.

ENJOY:  Donna Pyle’s DVD Bible studies, Overflowing Abundance (#LWML68932, workbook #LWML68933) and Your Strong Suit (#LWML68930, workbook #LWML68931) are inspirational and enjoyable to share with every group. You may want to use one of these as a retreat or workshop. Her shorter studies described on page 7 of the catalog, (#LWML68940 - #LWML68947) are designed to be a blessing within the group setting or for individual study.

CLC CHALLENGE: Whether women are looking for studies featured on pages 8 and 9 or looking for shorter devotions from the Mustard Seed packets, pages 11, 12, and 13, it is our opportunity as Christian Life Leaders to provide ideas for sharing God’s Word. The materials are available. We just need to offer ideas and specific information on where to find them.

Please make time to share the online LWML Catalog and Bible studies with your districts and zones. This is the best way to reach each society with resources! And remember all LWML resources have passed LCMS doctrinal review.                                             

One last request: if your district has a new District President or Christian Life leader, please send her name and email address to, so she can be added to the distribution list. Also, please forward this to anyone in your district that might find this information helpful – including your webmaster!

Blessings as you serve Him.


Your Christian Life Committee: Anne Hartman, Terri Wenzel, Jennifer Huecker

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