CALL—Connecting All LWML Leaders

July/August 2015: Volume 1, Issue 16

eNewsletter from the LWML Christian Life Committee

Christian Life Committee

Cheryl Hamil

Saron Yohannes

Kaye Cairns, Chairman

Eden Keefe, VP Christian Life

Wrapping It Up … with THANKS!

The Christian Life Committee did a great job of connecting to district leaders with timely, relevant, and uplifting information via this newsletter. We thank Cheryl Hamil, Saron Yohannes, and Chairman, Kaye Cairns, for their dedication in producing a monthly eNewsletter.

However, I would be very remiss not to thank YOU—the leaders and readers!

  • If you had not opened the linked or attached newsletter,

    • If you had not shared it,

      • If you had not responded with ideas,

        • It would have been "just another email."

We saw it attached to district newsletters. (What a great idea!)
We got ideas from district newsletters. (Sharing great ideas!)
We got your responses and continually updated the distribution list with your input.

We could not have done it without you. Thanks for partnering with us!

Some BIG IDEAS from Convention … and Beyond!


  • The Time is NOW to intentionally be in God’s Word at every gathering with your sisters in Christ – read a devotion, use a Bible study, or share a Mustard Seed Devotion.

  • The Time is NOW to recognize that women lead very busy lives and struggle to have time with God. Point out that LWML has online daily Mustard Seed Devotions that take one minute to read, but will give her strength and joy all the hours of her day.

  • The Time is NOW to look through the new LWML Catalog or online store and pick out Christian Life products and resources to order for your LWML store at district convention or as gifts for your board members.

  • The Time is NOW to publicize LWML events or Bible studies in a new way. Take photos of these events and post them on social media to encourage women to come to your next event; use the photos in your church newsletter, too, or make a poster.

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