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June 2015: Volume 1, Issue 15

eNewsletter from the LWML Christian Life Committee

Christian Life Committee

Cheryl Hamil

Saron Yohannes

Kaye Cairns, Chairman

Eden Keefe, VP Christian Life

Meeting Planning is Getting Easier

The Program Helps portion of the LWML website is found under “The Word” tab or you can go directly to‐helps. There you will find 12, new for 2015, devotions or Bible studies free for download. In addition, you can select Devotions, Bible Studies, Sketches and Drama, PowerPoints, or Creative Crafts. Titles under each of these options are listed alphabetically and have a descriptive tag. When you click on the title, the resource opens on your computer. You can read it, save it, share it, and print it. All resources are free and you can make as many copies as you need. Titles will continue to be added as they become available. May their use be a blessing to you and those with whom you share them!

Easy to Access! Easy to Share!


The Time is NOW to use free LWML resources!

2015–2017 reSOURCEs for Planning Programs


This “grab and go” resource provides two years of thematic monthly meeting plans. You can print as many copies as you need of any of the resources which include icebreakers, devotions (all new), Bible studies (20 new), Mission Servant projects, reference to Mission Grants projects, and a periodic sketch (five new). Available for purchase in printed form (237 pages, 3‐hole punched, in plastic sleeve) or FREE as a download at
Item #: LWML14223 $23.00

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